FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal

Managing your health has never been easier with MaineGeneral's FollowMyHealth® patient portal. You have instant access to your health information 24/7 from any computer or smartphone if you receive care at MaineGeneral.

You can also sign up your child or another adult who needs help.

If you are a MaineGeneral patient and wish to join the FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal, please click on the application and instructions below. You cannot use the portal until you sign up via an invitation email sent by us.

Adults must come in person and show a photo ID (they cannot be mailed). If you are asking to be a proxy (have control of) another adult's information, you must bring proof of guardianship or the adult you are seeking proxy for must be present to give his or her consent.

Have You Already Signed Up?

If you have already signed up using the invitation we have sent you, you can sign in below and connect to MaineGeneral.

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Below are some common questions about the patient portal.

If you experience technical problems with the portal, please call 1-888-670-9775 during regular business hours or email the support team at

What can I do with MaineGeneral’s FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal?

You can use the portal to:

  • Order prescription refills
  • Request appointments with most providers (not all of them use the portal)
  • View lab and other test results
  • Look up vital signs, prescriptions, immunization history and more
  • Receive reminders for upcoming visits (not all of them use the portal)
  • Pay your MaineGeneral bill
  • Communicate with your care team via secure messaging

Why do I need to provide my email in person?

For security and privacy purposes, we must verify your identity.

How can I log in to FollowMyHealth®?

When you activate MaineGeneral’s FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal, you’ll set up a FollowMyHealth® login and password; our portal does not allow outside systems to access your medical records or any other content available to you through FollowMyHealth®. No information from the portal is ever posted to an external location.

I logged in to FollowMyHealth® and created an account. Why can’t I see my MaineGeneral providers or any of my health information?

You can create a FollowMyHealth® account on your own, or you may have an account from a previous health care provider. However, that account will not be linked to MaineGeneral until you receive an email from MaineGeneral with a link and an invitation code that will allow you to link your existing account to your health information at MaineGeneral.

For security purposes, you must provide your email address in person. After that, you’ll receive your email invitation. Just click on the link and log in to your FollowMyHealth® account. When prompted, enter your invitation code from MaineGeneral. If you accidentally deleted that email, or if the link invitation has expired, call FollowMyHealth® technical support to receive another invitation.

How do I request prescription refills?

Click on the “My Health” tab, and choose the “Medication” link. Once there, you'll see your prescription history and can request refills. Medications not prescribed by current MaineGeneral providers cannot be renewed through the portal, even if they appear on your list. The pill bottle icon will be grayed out for prescriptions that are not renewable through the portal. If you have a prescription renewal that can’t be renewed online, call your provider’s office and use the prescription renewal request line.

How do I request an appointment?

There are two ways to request appointments using FollowMyHealth®. The first is by using one of the appointment links—either clicking on the “Request” box under “Appointments” on the right-hand side of your MaineGeneral’s FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal homepage or using the “Schedule an Appointment” link at the top of the homepage. Alternatively, you can navigate to the “My Providers” section of your FollowMyHealth® account, and then select the provider you wish to see.

Can I use FollowMyHealth® to request my first appointment with a new PCP or other provider?

No, not until you’ve had at least one visit with that provider. After your first visit with a provider, his or her name will appear in your FollowMyHealth® appointment request provider list, and you will be able to use the portal to request appointments with that provider. Please note that some providers may not participate in our patient portal.

How do I receive appointment reminders?

Click on the “My Account” link located in the top right-hand corner of each page, and then go to “Preferences,” and select “Notification Preferences.”  This can also be used to limit the notifications.

How do I view my lab results?

Click on the “My Health” tab to view lab results.

Starting Friday, April 16, the test results you see on the FollowMyHealth® patient portal will be posted there as soon as they come in. Faster turnaround of test results means you could see your results in the portal before your doctor sees them and calls you about them. You can choose to view your test results right away or wait until your doctor’s office contacts you about them. If you see your results and have questions, please contact your doctor first to ease your concerns.

We are making this change to comply with the new Federal Information Blocking Rule which aims to make your health care information more accessible to you electronically, in real time, so you get results quickly and can communicate with your doctor sooner, leading to better patient care in the long run. Again, please contact your doctor before you make any decisions based on the results you see in the portal.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your primary care provider.

You can also use the "My Health" tab to look up past visits, vital signs, prescriptions, and immunization history. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the portal, don’t worry. Your complete medical record is available from our Health Information Services Department or the location you were seen. Please contact your provider’s office for information on how to obtain this information or call (207) 626-1441.

Can my children have MaineGeneral’s FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal accounts?

Family members who are 18 or older can sign up for their own FollowMyHealth® accounts. For children ages 0 – 12, parents may fill out an application for a proxy account. For teens, the information available in the portal may be limited. Please ask your provider’s office for a Portal Proxy Application or come, with ID, to Medical Records, Hathaway Creative Center, 10 Water Street, Waterville, ME 04901. Use the East entrance and take the elevators to the 3rd floor.

How is my health information protected?

Our portal uses a secure, well-established, third-party software system. All information sent to or from MaineGeneral’s FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal or stored by MaineGeneral’s FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal is encrypted in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). All logins occur over secure connections (HTTPS).

What if I have concerns about the accuracy of my medical information within MaineGeneral’s FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal?

If you have any concerns about the accuracy of your medical information, please contact your medical staff's office. You can do this via secure messaging in the portal or by calling.

How do I pay my bill?

Click "Billing" under the My Account menu. When you arrive at the next page, click on "Pay My Bill." When you arrive at the next page, follow the instructions on how to fill in the form and provide financial information. Make sure your account number and invoice number match those on the bill, so that your account is credited properly.

Connecting with Other Web-based Applications

MaineGeneral is committed to providing you the tools you need to manage your health. Once you enroll in our FollowMyHealth® patient portal, you will be able to connect your health data to a compatible health care application.

Are you looking to access your medical records? Log into your patient portal here.

Connecting Your Health Information to Other Health Care Applications You Use

MaineGeneral provides a link to the following third-party health care applications that you may choose to use. These applications are not owned, operated or delivered by MaineGeneral and, as such, your use of them is at your own risk.

Steps to connecting your data

  • Establish a MaineGeneral FollowMyHealth® account (invitation to connect is required once you provide your email address at a MaineGeneral service location).
  • Create user account for compatible health care application.
  • Within the compatible application, find where you can connect your health data to the application.
  • Search for MaineGeneral - There will be two selections for MaineGeneral; you must select both to import your complete health care data.
  • Use your FollowMyHealth® credentials (username and password) to authorize the import of your health care data into the application.

Any decision to connect or share your data with other third-party health care applications is voluntary. By linking your MaineGeneral FollowMyHealth® account to a third-party health care application and sharing information with that application, you agree that MaineGeneral is not legally responsible in any way.

Use of any third-party health care application and reliance on their content or security is solely at your own risk. You agree that MaineGeneral may not be held liable for any damages arising out of or related to your use of any third-party health care application.

FAQs about Connecting to Other Web-based Applications

I don't want to share my information with other third-party health care applications. Do I have to?

No, you don’t. You can continue to use FollowMyHealth® without sharing your health care information with an external third-party health care application.

Is my health data protected if I share my information with other applications?

Your health data that you choose to share with a compatible third-party health care application may no longer be subject to federal laws and regulations that apply to an individual's protected health information. Sharing your health information with a third-party health care application may lead to further disclosure because it will allow the application access to your personal health information with different policies than MaineGeneral and FollowMyHealth®. Before you share your health information with a compatible application, please review Terms of Use and the vendor's policies of the application you choose.

Who do I contact for technical support for the third-party health care application?

MaineGeneral is just the provider of your health information and does not provide technical support for the third-party health care applications. You will need to contact the vendor if you need technical support.

Don't see your third-party health care application listed?

Email us at to provide us with your contact information and the requested third-party health care application of your choice. We will work with our vendor developers to identify what is possible. We may contact you with further questions about your request.

We will submit your request to our vendor and they will work with the health care application vendor. Be patient while the vendors work together.

Please check back regularly for updates to the health care apps that are available to MaineGeneral patients.