Internet Access

As a patient or guest, you have free access our wireless network from your laptops, smartphone, etc., to help you stay in closer touch with loved ones.

Just choose MGH_Guest from the list of wireless networks, agree to our terms of service (below) and you are ready to go!

  • No username or password is required.
  • There are few Internet browsing restrictions, though patients may not view offensive or obscene material. MGMC also reserves the right to block sites that are inappropriate.

If you have problems with wireless, please ask your nurse to call MaineGeneral’s IT Service Desk on your behalf.

MGMC Wireless Access Terms of Use


As part of its commitment to enhancing patient care, MaineGeneral Medical Center may allow access to the internet via a public kiosk network. By accessing this network you agree to the terms and conditions defined below.

MaineGeneral or its employees will not be liable for any damages that may arise through your use of this service.


The Internet at MaineGeneral is a shared resource. Use of technologies that transmit large volumes of data, such as file transfers or streaming audio or video, can impact access for others.

With this in mind, we may restrict the usage of an individual computer or the shared network to ensure all users are able to use the network.

If you access the network using your own computer, we expect you to have up-to-date anti-virus software and definitions. We highly recommend use of a personal firewall.

Other people may have access to your computer or files depending on your computer's setup.

Use of your personal computer is your sole responsibility; MaineGeneral does not provide support for problems with your setup or issues arising during or after network use.

Prohibited Use

Transmission of or viewing material commonly judged to be offensive, obscene, immoral, malicious or illegal is prohibited.

MaineGeneral may, at any time and at its sole discretion, interpret what material is appropriate and may ask a user to cease access to questionable or inappropriate material.

Attempts to modify operation of a MaineGeneral computer on loan or to access other MaineGeneral internal networks will result in a loss of the privilege to use this service and may lead to prosecution.

Privacy and Monitoring

MaineGeneral has software and security systems in place to monitor and record all network usage and may do so at any time, without notice.

Our IT staff will review Internet activity and analyze usage patterns to ensure the integrity of the network. No user should expect privacy in his or her Internet usage.

Please note that access to POP mail or SMTP mail from outside our network is blocked. If access to outside email is required, please use a webmail service. Most ISPs provide a web interface for your email.

Accidental/Unintended Violations

MaineGeneral uses commercially supplied software to identify inappropriate or sexually explicit Internet sites. We may block access from our networks to all such sites.

If you find yourself connected accidentally to a site that contains sexually explicit or offensive material, you must disconnect from that site immediately, regardless of whether that site had been previously deemed acceptable by any screening or rating program.

Violation Penalties

Violations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If we determine that a user has violated the terms of this agreement, that user may have his/her network access terminated, be denied further use of our system and may be subject to legal action.