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Drug Overdose Task Force


In 2005, leadership from MaineGeneral's Prevention Center and concerned staff from area agencies formed the Drug Overdose Prevention Task Force to address the growing number of accidental drug overdoses.

MaineGeneral received a grant from the Maine Office of Substance Abuse (OSA) to work on overdose prevention in Kennebec County starting in September 2007.

There have been more drug overdose deaths than highway fatalities in Maine in 2005, 2008 and 2009.

Since 1997, drug overdose deaths have been trending upward in Maine. Most of these deaths involve at least one pharmaceutical (green line) and deaths involving illicit, or street, drugs have been trending downward (purple line).

Deaths in Kennebec County have been trending downward while deaths in Somerset County may be trending upward.

These graphs show the 3-year average of deaths in a county - the percentage of overdose deaths is shown compared to the county's percentage of the state's population.

Graphics by Marcella H. Sorg, PhD, RN, D-ABFA, Director, Rural Drug & Alcohol Research Program, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, University of Maine (9/22/10)



Task Force

  • There are no drug overdose fatalities in Kennebec County.


  • Educate about preventing drug overdoes deaths;
  • Support individuals with chronic disease of addiction in their recovery; and
  • Collaborate with family members and loved ones of people with addictions.