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Support Services

MaineGeneral welcomes the opportunity to provide families with services that aid the transition to parenthood. In addition to classes and workshops, we provide:
  • 24-hour Warm Line: Staffed by MaineGeneral nurses ready to answer questions about newborn care and parental concerns. Call toll-free (888) 468-1347 in Augusta or (800) 451-1638 in Waterville.

  • Resolve Through Sharing: A support process to help families through the loss of a baby at any time during the pregnancy.

  • Doulas: Upon request, we provide information to assist you in locating a doula, at your own expense, who will provide support through your pregnancy, labor and delivery.

    For more information, call toll-free (888) 468-1347 in Augusta or (800) 451-1638 in Waterville.

  • Car Seat Fitting Stations: Offered regularly at various community locations.

  • MGMC/KVCAP Maine Families: A free home-visiting program that partners with you to support the physical and emotional health of your baby and the entire family. Call KVCAP toll-free at (800) 542-8227 for more information.

You can register for an upcoming maternity education class by calling 1-855-4MGHINFO (1-855-464-4463).