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Same Day/Outpatient Surgery


Same Day Surgery, also called "Outpatient Surgery," allows patients to undergo certain surgical procedures without having to stay overnight in a hospital.

This type of procedure is convenient for patients, reduces costs and reserves hospital beds for patients who require inpatient care for more serious conditions.

Our Same Day Surgery staff oversees your entire stay, from the time you arrive for surgery to when you are discharged. They also assist patients who may be admitted after surgery.

The Same Day Surgery Unit is located at the Alfond Center for Health in Augusta and the Thayer Center for Health in Waterville.

What You Need to Know about Same Day Surgery

The more knowledgeable you are about your Same Day Surgery experience, the more relaxed your outpatient visit to the hospital will be for both you and your family.

Scheduling Same Day Surgery
Before Your Surgery
The Day of Your Surgery
After Same Day Surgery

Billing Facts

For More Information

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Same Day Surgery, please ask your doctor or one of the Same Day Surgery staff.

Knowing how you're feeling helps us provide you with the best care possible.