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Asthma Education Program


The Asthma Education Program at MaineGeneral serves as a resource for health care providers who care for patients with asthma.

The program also strives to help asthma patients gain better control of their asthma.

Ways to Manage Asthma

  • Educate yourself about taking care of your asthma.

  • Avoid things that trigger your asthma.

  • Take your medications as prescribed and make sure you have them with you in case you suddenly develop symptoms.

  • Monitor your symptoms.

  • Discuss an asthma action plan with your health care provider so you know what to do if your symptoms change or worsen.

  • Talk with a MaineGeneral asthma educator to learn more about the disease, its signs and symptoms and how to avoid triggers. 

Our asthma educators teach patients how to use medications and devices correctly (inhalers, spacers, peak flow meters, etc.) and help troubleshoot problems patients may have in controlling their asthma.

You and an educator will develop a plan according to your health care provider's instructions that provides guidelines to follow when symptoms occur.

Contact Us

For more information about the Asthma Education Program or to speak with an asthma educator, call (207) 872-1428.