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Terri Petroulis


MaineGeneral Hospice facility liaison nurse Terri Petroulis graduated from Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in 1980 and earned a bachelor's degree in nursing from the University of Southern Maine in 1992.

Terri joined MaineGeneral in October 1988. A year later, when we developed Maine's first Medicare-certified Hospice, Terri was one of the first nurses to work in this new program.

Terri has always been interested in the hospice philosophy and soon found that the field was her passion. She has worked in several different Hospice roles through the years. In addition to case management, Terri has been Hospice director, Hospice Development director and is now the program's facility liaison nurse. She is committed to providing quality end-of-life care with a comprehensive team caring for patients and their families.

Despite its challenges, Hospice is very rewarding for Terri. Though she can't prevent patients from dying, she can make their journeys more comfortable. She also sees how rewarding it can be for a family to learn they can care for a dying loved one with Hospice support.

Terri finds it very rewarding to work with nursing homes to support patients and their families. Nursing facilities with expertise in geriatric care, together with MaineGeneral Hospice expertise in end-of-life care, can provide the best care possible to patients.

Another gratifying part of Terri's work is meeting with families of patients in facilities and hospitals to explain the Hospice program.

"I'm able to dispel misconceptions about Hospice and help them understand that even though Hospice does not treat a disease aggressively, our staff treats symptoms aggressively," she says. "Families are relieved knowing an entire team of Hospice professionals and volunteers will be caring for their loved one."

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