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Mark Jose


Bereavement counselor Mark Jose has been with the Hospice team for 14 years. He has a master's degree in social work from Boston University and is licensed by the state as a clinical social worker.

Mark became interested in Hospice in 1992 while caring for his dying father. He had never done this type of care before and felt lost. A Hospice nurse visited him and offered comfort by letting him know he was doing everything right for his father. This experience inspired Mark to become involved in Hospice.

He believes teamwork makes Hospice thrive, and he helps team members work well together and give their best care and service.

"All team members have talents we can draw from," he says. "This wealth of talent enables us to continue doing this work."

Mark, who has a quiet gentleness about him, also believes compassion is essential in being able to work within Hospice.

The resilience of the human heart is not only continues to amaze Mark, but also is something he feels fortunate to witness. Mark is happy to share in the miraculous healing that happens after the loss of a loved one and finds satisfaction in helping family and friends find happiness again after a loss.

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