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Emily Vigue


Certified nursing assistant Emily Vigue has been a part of the HomeCare and Hospice team for the past 21 years.

She has worked with many wonderful patients over the years and "has bonded instantly" with many of them.

Emily says she often is asked why she didn't continue her education and become a registered nurse. Her answer is simple.

"I've already found my true calling in life," she says. "I enjoy the hands-on aspect of my job, as well as visiting with and hearing about my patients' life experiences. I believe the day I stop enjoying my work with patients is the day I will need to find a new job."

Emily believes every patient should be treated with the dignity and respect he/she deserves and she strives to give every patient with whom she interacts. She also is humbled by being allowed to share a patient's end-of-life journey.

"I'm entering their lives during a difficult time and helping them with personal needs," she says. "To do my job, I need to treat everyone the way I would want to be treated, as if I was in their shoes."

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