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Bertha Morin


Following high school, Bertha Morin spent the first 14 years of her career in health care as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and medication technician.

She later returned to school, graduated from the University of Maine in Fort Kent with a bachelor's degree in nursing and relocated to the Waterville area.

Bertha started her nursing career at Oak Grove Nursing Home. While there, she witnessed the support that Hospice staff offered to residents and patients.

"They were always calm in an atmosphere that can sometimes seem chaotic," she says.

Her regular interaction with the Hospice staff sparked Bertha's interest in working in end-of-life care. She applied for and was hired for a Hospice nursing position and has been a valuable member of the team for the past nine years.

Bertha finds success in taking patients who are scared and anxious, "holding their hands" through the process and seeing them from fear to comfort. She strongly believes Hospice is not just about death, it also is very much about living.

Known for her "holiday hats" around Christmas, Bertha brings a sense of humor to the care she provides. She regularly puts a smile on a patient's or family member's face without saying a word. When she does speak, some patients find it comforting to know she can speak French fluently.

Bertha says she is inspired by the power of the human spirit. Each patient and family leaves an indelible mark in her life and she finds herself recalling the names of past patients and families with both pride and gratitude.

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