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Diabetes Self-Management Program


MaineGeneral's Diabetes Self-Management Program helps newly diagnosed patients, those who have trouble controlling their diabetes and those who need long-term care and follow-up.

Our program offers background knowledge about diabetes and provides patients with the information and skills they need to manage their diabetes effectively.

Led by diabetes nurse educators and dietitians, the program includes group sessions and one-on-one appointments.

Getting Started

  • You must be referred to us by your primary care provider.
  • You will need to contact your insurance company to make sure Diabetes Education is a covered service.
    • MediCare recipients are eligible for a "once in a lifetime" benefit to complete the 10-hour program. The program must be completed in one year; if not, the benefit is no longer available.

      After the first year, recipients are eligible for two hours with a nurse educator and two hours with a dietitian each year.
  • Once we receive your provider's referral, our staff will contact you to schedule an initial one-on-one appointment with a registered diabetes nurse educator and registered dietitian. Each visit will last about one hour.

Individual Visits: What to Expect

  • Your first visit will be with the diabetes nurse educator who will discuss monitoring your diabetes along with assessing your individual education needs. If you have a meter to test your blood sugars, please bring it to your appointment. If you do not, we will provide you with one at no cost.
  • Your second visit will be with a registered dietitian. You will learn how to manage your diabetes with food choices.

    Carbohydrates, protein and fat each play a role in controlling your blood glucose levels. The dietitian will help you create an individualized meal plan.

All-Day Class: Everything You Need to Know About Diabetes

Topics that will be covered in this 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. class include:

  • What to do when you have a high or low blood sugar
  • How to take special care of your feet, eyes and teeth
  • How and when to take your diabetes medication
  • What to do when you are sick
  • How to accommodate your diabetes when you travel
  • How to work toward a healthy body weight
  • How to test your blood sugar levels
  • Tips to help you live a healthy life with diabetes
  • Meal planning and cooking tips

After you have completed the all-day class, our staff will work with you to schedule a four-month follow-up appointment to see how you are managing your diabetes.

Contact Us

Please call (207) 621-9320 to register or get more information about the program.