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School and Learning Concerns


One of the most important aspects of childhood is regular education.

Public, private and homeschool programs help children learn essential skills, but school experiences and learning also form the foundation for developing future job skills.

For many children, psychological or learning difficulties interfere with this goal.

We help children with behavior and learning problems that interfere with school progress by offering:
  • Psychological evaluations to assess behavior or learning problems interfering with a child's adjustment to and success in school.

  • Psychological consultation to schools to help staff and faculty start programs for children with learning and behavior problems.

  • Psychology and social work therapy services to help children and families develop coping skills, handle problems at school and develop healthy relationships with peers and adults.

  • Comprehensive evaluations of behavioral or psychological difficulties that interfere with learning.

    The Pediatric Behavioral Medicine Clinic provides a combined medical, family and psychological evaluation of children with complex needs.

  • For children age 0-5, our Developmental Evaluation Clinic assesses movement skills, language, behavior, health and cognitive abilities and recommends services to help children.

We also offer Specialized Services to children and families experiencing school and learning concerns.

For more information or help with a concern, please call (207) 872-4303.