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Emotional Concerns, Family Issues, Counseling


Children, like adults, can feel strong emotions like sadness, worry or anger. These emotions are normal, but sometimes can feel overwhelming and can last for a while.

We offer evaluation and services to children and families to help understand a child's emotions and figure out ways to manage them.

Family Issues

Children can experience problems with behaviors or emotions because of family difficulties or mistreatment by others.

Divorce, violence, abuse, drug/alcohol or mental health problems of a family member or ongoing family conflict can strongly impact children.

They can become sad, moody, worried or have problems paying attention or managing angry feelings.

We can help children and families talk about problems and develop a plan for how to help children through a difficult family situation. For more information, click here.


Counseling can help a child and family address behaviors and emotions that are causing problems at home or at school.

Counseling is sometimes offered to a child individually and often may include involvement of one or both parents so they can learn ways to help their child.

Very often, counseling is offered jointly to a child and parents and may include other family members.

Family counseling can help families work together, communicate better and learn new ways to reduce conflicts and provide a safe and healthy environment for their child.

Sometimes children need further evaluation of their behavior, emotions or development and can be referred to other services at our center.

For more information or help with a concern, please call (207) 872-4303.