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Autism and Pervasive Developmental Delays


Autistic Disorder is a condition in which children show a number of delays in development.

Children show delays in social interaction, often fail to respond to attempts to play or interact with them or show very little eye-to-eye gaze.

In addition, children with autism have restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests, such as repeating actions or gestures, strong interest in a topic or activity, or sticking exclusively to a routine.

Delays in communicating also are part of this disorder. Conditions with similar features to autistic disorder include Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Asperger's Disorder.

Services Provided

Our services for children suspected of having Autistic Disorder include:

  • The Developmental Evaluation Clinic, where children receive a broad evaluation of developmental functioning, including communication, movement skills, cognitive abilities, health, hearing, behavior and family functioning.

  • Psychological evaluations of children to evaluate behavioral adjustment, social functioning and cognitive abilities.

  • Consults by some of our psychologists with area schools and agencies to help develop programs for children with autistic disorder, designed to help children learn, communicate effectively and develop better social interaction.

  • Early Childhood and Pediatric Rehabilitation Services, including evaluation and treatment of children's motor and language skills.

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