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Radiation Oncology/Radiation Therapy


Radiation therapy is an important part of cancer treatment. It can be used to cure cancer by controlling malignant cells. Radiation also can be used with surgery and chemotherapy to prevent tumors from returning.

The Radiation Oncology program at the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care (HACCC) is committed to superior patient care - from preventive screenings to the most advanced treatment and follow-up care.

We use the most sophisticated technology available to target, localize and treat your cancer effectively.

In Radiation Oncology, our goal is to develop and implement treatments that maximize the chance of curing cancer while minimizing the radiation dose to normal organs. This approach is intended to maintain your quality of life and preserve your normal organ function.

Our Radiation Oncology Team

Our radiation oncologists are committed to their patients' well being and maintain strong academic, clinical and research interests.

They provide the medical expertise, emotional support and answers you need about your illness, your radiation treatment and how it may affect you, your family, work and friends.

From the moment you enter the HACCC, you'll notice a unique environment - a natural, tranquil setting.

It is a comfortable atmosphere with an extraordinary team of highly trained medical professionals committed to taking care of you.