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Lap-Band® Surgery


The Lap-Band® is a restrictive device. It involves applying an adjustable gastric band around the stomach, creating a small gastric pouch.

The new pouch forces the individual to eat smaller portions, at a slower rate, because the pouch holds less food.

This produces a feeling of fullness, thus decreasing food intake.

The band promotes a steady weight loss, causing the body to draw on its own fat reserve in order to get energy. The body absorbs all ingested food.

The body's digestive tract is not altered in any way so food can still be fully digested.

Success can only be achieved with a patient's simultaneous change in eating patterns.

This change will also help prevent pain and vomiting, which may occur if a patient overeats with a band in place. Recovery time for patients who have the Lap-Band® procedure is usually two weeks.