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Values & Standards


All MaineGeneral Health employees abide by a code of values and standards that are woven into the fabric of everything our organization does.

These values and standards are represented by the acronym RESPECT, which is defined as:

  • R - Respect. We treat everyone with dignity, respect and empathy.

    We treat our patients, their families and our fellow employees the way each of us would like to be treated.

  • E - Excellence. We demand the best of ourselves in caring for others. We are committed to providing leadership in the provision of health services.

    We maintain high expectations of ethical behavior and personal expertise in our fields.

  • S - Service. We are here to serve. To do so, we must understand and strive to exceed the needs and expectations of those we serve.

  • P - Professionalism. We are entrusted with our organization's assets.

    We are accountable to our patients and the community for our individual performance, including our stewardship of MGH's resources.

  • E - Empathy. We make time to listen and understand what people are experiencing.

    We offer comfort and compassion in a respectful and caring manner.

  • C - Communication. The key to effective communication is listening.

    Each of us has a responsibility to communicate with sensitivity and honesty in a clear, direct manner with patients, families and each other.

  • T - Teamwork. We are a team working together to accomplish our mission.

    Our success depends upon the collective efforts of each individual. Working together, we are able to accomplish much more than we can individually.