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Results for a Heart Attack


A heart attack is an injury to the heart resulting from a loss of blood supply and the oxygen it carries. It usually occurs when a clot blocks the flow of blood.

The following measures look at how well we manage the care of patients hospitalized with heart attacks and whether we provided the treatment and medications clinically proven to be the most effective.

These measures also look at whether we gave patients the right information and medications to ensure effective care
after they leave the hospital.

You can look up the performance of the hospital of your choice by going to the Hospital Compare website. Below are MaineGeneral's results:

Measure    MGMC current: 
   April - June 2013
   Maine    U.S.


  • % of heart attack patients given aspirin at discharge
  100  100  99
  • % of heart attack patients given a prescription for a statin
    at discharge
  100 99  98

The Maine average represents the average score for 36 acute care hospitals in Maine.

The national average consists of the 3,822 hospitals throughout the country participating in the Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA): Improving Care through Information.

The data is validated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.