Weight-Loss Surgery Success Story

When you are ready for weight loss surgery, you need a team of support behind you to help you take daily control of your life and health. This support is meaningful before, during and after the procedure to help you succeed.

Here's a story of one of our patients. We hope you find it encouraging and that it makes you think of questions you may have for us.

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Saray's Story

Saray Buck used to be a “huge emotional eater” whose high-carb diet of comfort foods contributed to a significant weight-loss struggle that spanned much of her adult life.

Although her house was stocked with plenty of items with “fat-free” labels as she tried a variety of diets to control her weight, her lack of lasting success brought both health problems and a feeling that she had lost herself.

After a conversation with her primary care provider, the 43-year-old Chelsea woman chose to reclaim herself and her health with help from MaineGeneral’s Bariatric Center.

“From my first appointment, I knew I’d have the necessary support to be successful before, during and after my weight-loss journey,” she said.

Buck had sleeve gastrectomy surgery in early December 2016, a procedure that reduced the size of her stomach by 80 percent.

It helped her decrease her weight from a high of 215 at her initial consultation to 135 nine months after surgery.

Her work with the Bariatric Center staff before and after surgery also included developing exercise and nutrition plans, with an emphasis on regular self-care.

Buck, a wife, mother and registered nurse at Togus VA Medical Center, has always taken care of others. Learning to take care of herself took some practice, she said, but the results have been life changing.

“My surgery allowed me to find myself again and I’m healthier, more outgoing, energetic and confident,” she said.

“Carrying the excess weight put my knees and hips under constant stress, which made me avoid physical activity. I can now enjoy and look forward to walking, running, hiking, biking and taking the best care of my patients. I have rediscovered my pleasure for gardening and volunteering, too.

“I’m so thankful for the Bariatric Center. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

MaineGeneral’s Bariatric Center’s surgeon performs sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass procedures at the Alfond Center for Health in Augusta.

Patients are supported before and after surgery at the center’s office at the Ballard Center in Augusta.

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