MaineGeneral Primary eCare

Have an ear ache, pink eye, or other health issue that you want to see your medical professional for but don't necessarily want to go to the office? Need a follow-up visit with your MaineGeneral Primary Care Practice?

A telehealth visit may be right for you. Call your primary care practice or ask your doctor.

This service is currently offered for patients at:

  • Augusta Family Medicine - 207-621-8800
  • Edmund N. Ervin Pediatric Center - 207-623-6500
  • Elmwood Primary Care - 207-877-3400
  • Family Medicine Institute (FMI) - 207-626-1561
  • Four Seasons Family Practice - 207-453-3100
  • Gardiner Family Medicine - 207-582-6608
  • Kennebec Pediatrics - 207-623-2977
  • Maine Dartmouth Family Practice - 207-861-5000
  • Maine Dartmouth Geriatric Medicine - 207-626-7400
  • Oakland Family Medicine - 207-465-4000
  • Thayer Internal Medicine - 207-873-1098
  • Winthrop Family Medicine - 207-377-2111
  • Winthrop Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine - 207-377-2114

Get the Care You Need with MaineGeneral Primary eCare

Focused on You

  • Virtual visits are often shorter and more focused on your needs
  • No mask required! Virtual visits all the doctor to see you clearly and for you to see them.
  • Stay on track with your health goals and follow-up care.


  • No need to travel to the practice for your visit
  • Visits in private environment of your choice
  • Access your appointment from your computer, tablet or mobile phone

How to access a telehealth visit

• Call your practice to see if your visit is eligible for a virtual visit

Note: Primary eCare is a separate service from MaineGeneral Virtual Health's eCare and requires its own username and password.

How to access your visit on a laptop or desktop

How to access your visit on a cell phone or tablet