MaineGeneral Primary eCare

Need a follow-up visit with your MaineGeneral Primary Care Practice? A telehealth visit may be right for you. Ask your doctor.

This service is currently offered for patients at:

  • Augusta Family Medicine
  • Edmund N. Ervin Pediatric Center
  • Elmwood Primary Care
  • Family Medicine Institute (FMI)
  • Four Seasons Family Practice
  • Gardiner Family Medicine
  • Kennebec Pediatrics
  • Maine Dartmouth Family Practice
  • Maine Dartmouth Geriatric Medicine
  • Oakland Family Medicine
  • Thayer Internal Medicine
  • Winthrop Family Medicine
  • Winthrop Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

Check back here as additional practices begin offering this service.

Get the Care You Need with MaineGeneral Primary eCare

Focused on You

  • Virtual visits are often shorter and more focused on your needs
  • No mask required! Virtual visits all the doctor to see you clearly and for you to see them.
  • Stay on track with your health goals and follow-up care.


  • No need to travel to the practice for your visit
  • Visits in private environment of your choice
  • Access your appointment from your computer, tablet or mobile phone

How to access a telehealth visit

• Call your practice to see if your visit is eligible for a virtual visit

Note: Primary eCare is a separate service from MaineGeneral Virtual Health's eCare and requires its own username and password.

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