Robotic Surgery

You want minimally invasive options for your surgical procedures.

MaineGeneral is only one of only three medical centers in Maine that offers an advanced robotics system. Robotic surgery is minimally invasive surgery that offers your surgeon improved views of the tissues and better dexterity of the instruments.

Robotic surgery is available in Augusta and Waterville (day surgeries only).

See this story about robotic surgery.

Benefits for you include:

  • Less blood loss and tissue damage
  • Significantly less pain after surgery
  • Less time in the hospital
  • A quicker return to work and daily activities you enjoy

MaineGeneral Medical Center offers multispecialty robotic surgery at the Alfond Center for Health in Augusta. These procedures include:

  • Benign hysterectomies
  • Urologic surgeries
  • General surgeries

Benign Hysterectomies

We offer a range of minimally invasive hysterectomies including laparoscopic, vaginal and laparoscopic-assisted vaginal.

We can perform minimally invasive procedures on women with the most complex pathology, including women with:

  • Multiple C-sections and other abdominal surgeries
  • Large fibroids
  • High BMI including morbid obesity
  • Severe endometriosis
  • Severe genital organ prolapse
  • Multiple myomas who want to preserve fertility

Urologic Robotic Surgery

We first used robotic surgery for laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. Procedures include:

  • Robot-assisted laproscopic radical prostatectomy
  • Kidney surgery including partial nephrectomy
  • Nephrectomy and pyeloplasty for UPJ obstructions

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