Day of Your Surgery

You're ready for surgery. Here's some important tips for the day of your surgery, whether it's same day surgery or inpatient surgery.

Plan to arrive at the hospital 90 minutes before your scheduled time, unless told otherwise.

Surgery nurses will record your current medications and vital signs, prepare you for surgery and tell you about the care routine for your specific surgery and anesthetic.

To help you prepare for your day

  • Please bring a list with the names of any medications you take along with their dosage.
  • Leave jewelry and valuables at home.
  • Wear comfortable, foldable clothing.
  • Shower before coming to the hospital. Do not apply lotions or powders after bathing.
  • Avoid wearing heavy make-up, especially eye make-up.
  • Contact lenses cannot be worn during general anesthesia. Bring a case for them or wear glasses
  • Children may bring a special toy, blanket, pacifier or bottle for comfort after surgery.
  • Remove artificial nails, shelac and nail polish if you are having surgery on a hand, arm or foot.
  • Ask us any questions you have. We're here for you..

If you smoke, please refrain from doing so the day of your surgery.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

  • Just before your surgery, you will be taken to a special area and asked to change clothes and wear a disposable cap to cover your hair.
  • An anesthesiologist will meet with you and, if necessary, your surgeon will highlight the surgical site with a marker. Staff will check your name band, ask questions to confirm important information and provide you with a warm blanket.
  • When the operating room is ready, your nurse will greet you, review your chart and ask more questions. The nurse will accompany you to the operating room and remain there until your procedure is done.
  • Once in the operating room, your vital signs will be monitored. During and after the procedure, the surgery staff will inform your family or friends of your progress.

Inpatient Surgery

You will be assigned a room while you are in surgery.

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