Lymphedema Care

If you have been diagnosed with lymphedema, we're with you. MaineGeneral has occupational and physical therapists who are specially trained in the prevention and treatment of lymphedema.

What is Lymphedema?

The lymphatic system collects and filters fluid from our body tissue back into our circulatory system. Lymphedema occurs when a disruption to the lymphatic system causes fluid retention in one or more parts of our body.

Lymphedema can result from:

  • An injury that causes physical damage;
  • An illness or cancer that damages the lymph system; or
  • Surgery and/or radiation therapy to treat the lymph nodes or surrounding tissue.

The good news is that education and early treatment can prevent or manage lymphedema. That's where MaineGeneral's specially trained therapists come in!

Lymphedema Treatment

For many patients, lymphedema doesn't develop until months or even years after the initial damage has occurred. It usually affects the legs or arms.

The danger with this condition comes from the constant risk of developing an uncontrolled infection in the affected limb.

Several members of MaineGeneral Medical Center's therapy staff have specialized training that includes manual and mechanical drainage as options for treating/managing lymphedema.

Manual drainage includes massage, bandaging, exercise and education. Mechanical drainage uses specialized equipment to assist manual drainage.

If you require a compression sleeve or glove, our therapists can measure you for this item and order it for you.

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Ask your care provider if you could benefit from referral to MaineGeneral's  Lymphedema Program. To learn more about the care we offer, please call:

  • Augusta: (207) 621-7500
  • Waterville: (207) 872-4400
  • Oakland: (207) 873-8140

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