Pain Management

Many serious diseases or conditions cause pain that comes and goes or is constant. This pain can vary from mild to severe.

Pain can have many different qualities, such as burning, shooting, aching, piercing or pinching. Many factors influence the perception of pain, including mood, activity level, stress and the availability of pain-relieving therapies.

Treating pain is important, as pain that is not relieved can cause you to:

  • Experience depression
  • Have disrupted activity, appetite and sleep
  • Feel helpless or anxious
  • Give up hope
  • Discontinue treatment programs
  • Stop enjoying life to the fullest extent possible 

Pain usually can be controlled through a variety of available treatment options. To offer the best approaches for pain, doctors must recognize that pain is different in every person.

All patients who experience pain deserve a detailed evaluation of the pain, the effect of the pain and the diseases that may be causing the pain.

Staff Education and Training

In addition to providing pain management services for patients, our program also includes a pain resource educational and training component for staff.

Our two-day program is held twice a year, once at each hospital campus (the Alfond Center for Health in Augusta and the Thayer Center for Health in Waterville), and has been very helpful in keeping staff current with medications, pain management techniques and innovations.

Once they have completed the training, our staff serve as better resources for patients in helping to manage their levels of pain.