Initial Spirometry Training

This National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-approved course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive theoretical framework and the practical training needed to conduct spirometry testing and screening for workers.

The 16-hour course is intended for nurses, medical assistants and other health care professionals responsible for conducting spirometry in the workplace or industrial clinic settings.

Course Director

Two-Day Course Curriculum

  • Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology
  • Equipment calibration check procedures and troubleshooting
  • Test administration, identifying errors and corrective actions
  • Use of the equipment under supervised conditions

Training Objective

The program trains individuals to perform proper spirometry technique. Learning proper technique requires observation, demonstration and hands-on practice. We cover the basics of respiratory anatomy and physiology, lung volume determinants of respiratory flow and how the environment affects the respiratory system.

Participants learn proper techniques for obtaining valid spirometric values, as defined by NIOSH, including:

  • Instrumentation and the basis for spirometric measurement
  • Mechanics of data collection
  • Reduction in accordance with the acceptability criteria and use of predicted values.

Participants who successfully complete this 16-hour course and a final exam consisting of written and practicum components will receive a certificate of completion.

Upcoming Courses

Initial NIOSH-approved spirometry training courses at Workplace Health were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A course schedule for 2022 will be announced soon.

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