Alzheimer's Care Center

Specialized care for individuals with dementia at the Alzheimer's Care Center, Gardiner, Maine.When you or someone you love has dementia, you want the security of knowing that care is nearby that will treat you with dignity and kindness. MaineGeneral's Alzheimer's Care Center is with you. We recognize all as people with unique interests, needs and backgrounds.

Our home, in a private, wooded area on a tree-lined avenue, is an assisted living home for people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia.

Opened in 1988, we were the first home in the country designed and staffed specifically for the special needs of people with dementia. We have consulted with others to create similar homes worldwide.

Attached to the home is a beautiful Adult Day Services Program wing, affectionately called "the Club." Here you will find specially trained staff provide a positive and stimulating environment during the day for people with dementia so caregivers can work, rest or tend to other family needs.


  • Assisted Living Services:
    • A secure setting with expert care and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • An interdisciplinary team which includes a full-time registered nurse, an activity director, a social worker and compassionate, highly-trained staff
    • Engaging routines, activities, performances, visiting pets and community experiences including visits to local schools, civic groups and churches
  • Adult Day Program, "The Club": a program for people with dementia living at home and to support caregivers who work, tend to their own needs or simply to rest.
    • Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the third Saturday of every month, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Stimulating, friendly and secure environment
  • Support groups for our families and others in the community
  • Family and caregiver education and help during the changes that occur as a person's dementia progresses
  • Professional education and consultation to staff at other homes, students, community members and health professionals

The Facility

The Alzheimer's Care Center is safe and secure. It has an indoor walking path and a fenced-in nature trail that winds around beautiful gardens and shade trees.

A large outdoor patio has tables, chairs, gliders and an often-used barbecue grill. Residents enjoy watching assorted birds and squirrels, occasional deer and other animals outside the fence. Our small pond welcomes frogs in the warmer months.

The indoor environment is homey and welcoming, with areas for large group activities, a theater room, as well as private areas for solitude and family visits.

Each residential wing is decorated with different paint colors and bedroom wallpaper motifs. Memory boxes with names, special photos and personal items placed outside bedrooms help residents identify their rooms.


What type of program do you offer?

The Alzheimer's Care Center is an assisted living program. Assisted living programs are living arrangements where many services are provided, including help with medications and, in some cases, nursing services. The Alzheimer's Care Center accepts MaineCare payment and is called a Private Non-Medical Institution (PNMI) in Maine.

Is the Alzheimer's Care Center affiliated with United Way?

Yes, our center is a United Way agency and receives United Way funding support.

Do you accept MaineCare?

Yes, we accept MaineCare.

Do you have private rooms?

We have four private rooms and the rest are semi-private. Private rooms are assigned on an "as needed" basis.

Can residents have a TV and their own furniture?

We have a TV room and a TV can be made available for a smaller group that wants to watch a special program. We do not have cable access in residents' rooms. We provide furniture but residents also can bring their own pictures, a favorite chair and other small personal items to make them feel more at home.

What is the different between the Alzheimer's Care Center and a nursing home?

The main difference between assisted living and a nursing home is the level of care an individual needs. A nursing home is the right choice for someone who does not need to be in a hospital but who needs fairly constant nursing care. An assisted living facility typically offers more independence and less intensive medical care in a more home-like setting.

Staff Support and Family Involvement

The Alzheimer's Care Center staff is gifted, flexible and compassionate. They learn the background, personality and interests of each person to help them feel as comfortable as possible in their new home or day setting.

We understand that silent companionship, a warm hug and the ability to listen are sometimes more effective than the spoken word. We love what we do, and we hope it shows!

Families help create personalized care plans for each individual that take into account each person's wishes and interests. Loved ones are an important part of our work and family atmosphere.

Here's what our families say:

  • "I always feel welcome and am welcomed, early morning, evenings or during the day."
  • "My loved one thrives at the ACC (Alzheimer's Care Center) compared to being at home. She feels loved, and is loved, by staff."
  • "They all make us feel that our dad is as special to them as he is to us."
  • "While we're away for the winter, I know my mother is well taken care of."
  • "Thank you to all the staff and crew for taking such wonderful care of our loved one! It is an amazing blessing to know she is safe and well cared for. We greatly appreciate all your hard work and your caring hearts!"


The Alzheimer's Care Center is financially supported by resident fees, the MaineGeneral Health system, United Way contributions and donor gifts.

Contact Us

  • Alzheimer's Care Center: (207) 626-1770
  • Adult Day Services: (207) 626-1834
  • To Volunteer: (207) 626-1243

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