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  • Being an Emotional Container

    Being an emotional container is a strategy to help a child regain control of their emotions and behaviors when they aren’t able to do it by themselves.

  • Learning the Difference Between Feeling Safe and Being Safe

    Children entering Resource Care don’t come to your home with an instruction booklet. This training offers insight into how trauma can sometimes cause troubling behaviors. You will gain creative strategies to add to your resource parenting toolkit.

  • The Invisible Suitcase Part I - What It Is and Why Does It Matter?

    Children in your care can exhibit challenging behavior that’s difficult to manage at times. In this training, you will learn about the beliefs children often bring into their resource homes and how they are connected to their behavior.

  • The Invisible Suitcase Part II - Repacking a Child's Beliefs

    This training is for resource parents who have completed The Invisible Suitcase Part I. In Part II we explore what you might have in your own invisible suitcase, and how these beliefs may affect the way you react to the children in your care.