Vendor Onboarding at MaineGeneral Medical Center

Vendor Representatives

Vendor Representatives coming onsite to MaineGeneral Medical Center must register with GHX Vendormate and become a credentialed Vendor representative.

To Get Credentialed

Log in to or create your Vendormate Profile.

GHX Vendormate streamlines the background check and credentialing process and the management of key information regarding the regulatory and compliance status of Vendors. Through this program, Vendors can electronically provide the information we need to:

  • Communicate our unique and most current business policies
  • Ensure that we have the most accurate understanding of vendor business, capabilities and contact information
  • Screen vendors, business partners, suppliers and representatives against state and federal sanction lists
  • Manage access to our facilities and patient care areas based on background check, immunization, and training and compliance status
  • You will be required to sign in and obtain a paper Vendor ID pass at the time of each visit

Vendor Access to MaineGeneral Medical Center Facilities

To protect patient confidentiality and avoid disruptions in patient care, Vendors are not permitted in patient care areas except where there is a clear educational or patient care benefit requiring a vendor to be present. Vendors are prohibited from making sales calls and unsolicited visits to departments. Appointments are required for all Vendor representatives, except for:

  • Routine deliveries or pick-ups, including deliveries of office supplies or food products
  • Pick-ups or deliveries by UPS, Federal Express, or courier services
  • Visits for product or device recalls and emergency deliveries and service
  • Onsite consulting or construction work under an existing long-term agreement

Vendors are not permitted to use MaineGeneral Medical Center resources to disseminate information to MaineGeneral Medical Center personnel or leave any type of printed or handwritten materials, advertisements or signs in patient care areas or public areas in any facilities.

If services impact patient care, Vendors must follow the requirements of our Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) guidelines as set forth in the attached letter.

Additional Materials for Vendor

If vendor is being brought on by another MaineGeneral facility, other than the hospital, please check with the Director contact who is purchasing the services for their compliance obligations.