Information for Vendors

Purchasing within the MaineGeneral Health System

MaineGeneral Health System (“MaineGeneral”), including but not limited to its subsidiaries, MaineGeneral Medical Center, MaineGeneral Rehabilitation & Long Term Care, and MaineGeneral Community Care, maintains a centralized purchasing environment overseen by our Director of Supply Chain Management in our Materials Management Department.

MaineGeneral buys a wide variety of goods and services to meet the clinical needs of the clinicians and patients. We contract with hundreds of vendors and suppliers (“Vendors”) in many product categories that range from multi-national corporations to small local businesses. Accordingly, outlined here are the basic uniform purchasing standards that apply to all Vendors.

General Information for All Vendors

Vendors interested in doing business with MaineGeneral should familiarize themselves with the following:

  • Compliance. MaineGeneral is committed, through training and education, to ensuring its employees, Vendors and business practices conform to the highest standards of ethical conduct and comply with applicable state and federal laws and regulations to prevent and detect fraud and abuse. We expect all Vendors to comply with our Compliance program requirements. Visit our Compliance page to learn more.
  • Insurance. MaineGeneral requires Vendors to provide evidence of certain types of insurance coverage at specified minimum limits as set forth in the Insurance Requirements. In many instances, Vendors are required to name the appropriate MaineGeneral Health entity as an additional insured and to provide a Certificate of Insurance (“COI”) within the limits of MaineGeneral Insurance Requirements.
  • Privacy. Patient confidentiality and privacy is of paramount importance at MaineGeneral Health. It is our expectation that you will adhere to all state and federal laws regarding patient confidentiality including but not limited to the privacy and security standards contained in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly known as HIPAA. Any Vendor that has any access to MaineGeneral Patient information in addition to a Purchase Order (“PO”) must have a signed Business Associate Agreement with MaineGeneral. MaineGeneral Legal Services can also work with you to provide a Business Associate Agreement when required.
  • Any IT products must meet our IT security standards. Vendors will be expected to complete a security questionnaire and provide 3rd party assessments as requested by MaineGeneral. For any IT related questions, please contact our IT Security Officer at 207-621-7680.

General Information for Vendors within MaineGeneral Medical Center

MaineGeneral Medical Center, our licensed hospital, and its Vendors must comply with many hospital specific rules and regulations, including those of the Joint Commission, our Medical Staff bylaws and CMS. For all Vendors that provide services in our clinical areas, those Vendors must also comply with the following:

Payment and Procedures

Purchase Orders (PO)

The primary method of transacting for the purchase of goods and services is via a Purchase Order. Vendors are put on notice that payments cannot be processed without a valid Purchase Order number listed on the invoice, so we encourage all vendors to ensure that they have received a Purchase Order prior to starting any work for MaineGeneral. All Purchase Orders issued by MaineGeneral are subject to the attached MaineGeneral Health Purchase Order Standard Terms and Conditions.

Payment Information

New Vendors are required to complete the New Supplier Request Form and provide the required payment information, which includes the IRS Form W-9. Forward the completed Form via e-mail to your business point of contact at MaineGeneral or mail it to the following address:

MaineGeneral Health
Attn: Accounts Payable
35 Medical Center Parkway
Augusta, ME 04330

Tax Exemption Certificate

MaineGeneral Medical Center, MaineGeneral Rehabilitation and Long Term Care, and MaineGeneral Community Care are tax-exempt corporations under Sections 501(a) and 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States, as amended, and under applicable laws of the State of Maine. MaineGeneral does not pay certain taxes (sales, etc); Vendors may not pass those taxes through to MaineGeneral in its fees. MaineGeneral Health, the parent corporation is not tax exempt. To request a tax exemption certification, please request that form, specifying the MaineGeneral entity, via e-mail from your business point of contact at MaineGeneral.


In some instances, a PO is not sufficient means to contract with MaineGeneral and a full contract is needed. Where a contract is required, the Vendor should contact MaineGeneral Legal Services. Contact Legal Services at (207) 626-1507.

Once a Vendor has been selected to provide goods or services for MaineGeneral Medical Center, there are several key elements that are required to successfully onboard the Vendor and establish the business relationship.