Published on November 26, 2019

Partnering in the Community - Alfond Youth & Community Center

Peter Alfond had a vision for the place he called home: meet people where they are in their health care journey, making “health” not only a state of being, but also a culture. While Peter passed away two years ago, his vision remains a focus of MaineGeneral’s approach to the health of the community.

Now through the Peter Alfond Foundation, more Kennebec Valley families have access to health and wellness programs – right in their community at the Alfond Youth & Community Center (AYCC).

The Peter G. Alfond Pathway to Wellness includes MaineGeneral services provided by MaineGeneral's Prevention & Healthy Living and MaineGeneral Sports Medicine.

“We’re pleased to offer more services to keep our community healthy and do so with a valued partner like the Alfond Youth & Community Center,” says Chuck Hays, MaineGeneral Health CEO.

MaineGeneral will offer evidence-based programs at the AYCC for adults at risk for, or who have, chronic disease. In addition, any active individual can access free athletic training services at the AYCC.

“One of the most exciting aspects of transforming into the Alfond Youth & Community Center is expanding the already strong partnership with MaineGeneral by adding their physical presence to our renovated facility,” says Ken Walsh, AYCC CEO. “Joint programs include supporting MaineGeneral’s evidence-based programs for adults with, or at-risk for, developing chronic disease, like the Diabetes Prevention Program, by providing participants with free four-month memberships. A true win-win-win for MaineGeneral, the AYCC, and all our community members!”

MaineGeneral Sports Medicine

The community-based sports medicine program at the AYCC serves active community members of all ages with the same professional athletic training services MaineGeneral has provided to area middle school, high school and college athletes for more than 30 years.

Injury assessments and recommendations from professional athletic trainers are free to community members. One of MaineGeneral’s nationally certified and state-licensed athletic trainers will perform the evaluation and make recommendations for initial treatment and rehabilitation. They can provide follow-up care and assist with referrals.

MaineGeneral Sports Medicine services available at the AYCC:
Assessment of athletic- and activity-related injuries;
Concussion assessment;
Gait assessment and guidance choosing appropriate athletic/running shoes to meet your needs;
Independent rehabilitation exercise programs;
Initial treatment and care;
Injury prevention programs;
Recommendations for athletic braces and sports medicine equipment;
Referral assistance to health care medical staff;
Rehabilitation assistance; and
First aid classes for coaches

“I can’t think of any better way to serve the community than by helping people address their health care needs so they can achieve their wellness goals and maintain an active lifestyle,” says Richard B. Garini, ATC of MaineGeneral Sports Medicine.

Prevention & Healthy Living

MaineGeneral Prevention & Healthy Living has been offering community members classes in the areas of healthy cooking and eating; healthy mind and body; and physical movement. Classes are at the medical centers and at locations in the community. Being onsite in the renovated space at the AYCC is exciting for LeeAnna Lavoie, MPH, CHES, director of Prevention Services at MaineGeneral.

“This supports our collective goals of being able to increase access to prevention services in greater Waterville,” says Lavoie. “Having a dynamic community location for them to do that is thrilling. Our team can bring expertise around the teaching kitchen and mind-body work, not only for adults, but for children and families as well. Between our teams, we can provide these wellness services in a bigger way and see long-term positive health outcomes in the Waterville area.”

To learn more about prevention classes, visit

To make an appointment for sports medicine services at the AYCC, please call or text: 207-242-6207, or email: