Published on July 01, 2018

Strength and confidence through Cardiac Rehab

Everyone told Gabor Korthy he’d feel much better after receiving a cardiac stent in December 2016 to combat a blockage that brought chest pain, shortness of breath and fatigue.

But that wasn’t his experience. After returning to his Augusta home following the procedure in Portland, he still felt “horrible and very weak.”

His situation began improving a month later, however, when he began monitored exercise sessions through MaineGeneral’s Cardiac Rehabiliation Program.

Now 18 months later, Korthy is a strong proponent of the program that gave him confidence, peace of mind and a symptom-free life.

The 63-year-old retiree exercises two days per week at the Alfond Center for Health in Augusta and said the program and its supportive staff have given him control of his health and wellness. Cardiac Rehab also is offered at the Thayer Center for Health in Waterville.

“I’m reaping the benefits of participating. I feel better, I have more energy and I’m being proactive in my health care instead of letting things happen to me,” he said. “I strongly recommend this program. There’s also a great camaraderie with others in the program so the time goes by fast.”

Equally important, Korthy said, is that it gave him the confidence to exercise again.

“There was a psychological reassurance that I was exercising in a hospital, wearing a heart monitor, with someone watching the screen for any problems,” he said. “If something happened, there was no better place for me to be. I was minutes away from help if I needed it. And that was very powerful.”