Oral Health

Oral health is very important for children and adults - and MaineGeneral Prevention & Healthy Living can provide information and connections to helpful community resources.

From the First Tooth is an initiative that aims to improve the oral health of Maine’s youngest children from birth to age 6.

Because young children younger than age 3 are more likely to visit their medical provider than a dentist, the medical home is ideal to start early oral health prevention.

Families can access evidence-based preventive oral health services for their children in the child’s medical home, typically as part of a well-child visit. These services include:

  • Oral health evaluation
  • Application of fluoride varnish
  • Health education for parents or caregivers
  • Referral to a dental professional starting at age 12 months.

Training is available for family medicine and pediatric practices, along with age-appropriate toothbrush kits for children and educational materials for your medical practice waiting rooms.

The Prevention & Healthy Living staff also is available to speak at parent meetings in community settings.

Statewide resources also are available through the From the First Tooth program.