I want to ...

Tirzah L.


I have been a registered nurse for four years. After graduating from nursing school, I spent my first year working in a skilled facility when life brought me back to the homecare world to work for MaineGeneral HomeCare.

Homecare is truly a special place where you are invited into a person’s home, supporting them in their own health care goals. Patients are more relaxed and in control. I enjoy being able to make a difference on the patient’s terms.

I've been fortunate to take the Chronic Disease Management course. It taught me to effectively motivate my patients to identify what matters to them in their healthcare.

When I started making healthcare about what the patient needed to do, and allowed them to tell me what was important to them, I could better help them achieve their self-directed goals.

When the patient is invested in his or her own care, amazing goals can be achieved.