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Grace L.


I was very fortunate to attend the nursing program at St Joseph’s College, which was one of the few nursing programs at the time to include a community health class as part of the curriculum.

The clinical experience for the class was generally completed by traveling with the Visiting Nurses of South Portland. Luckily for me, the instructors at St. Joseph's arranged for my clinical to be done through HealthReach HomeCare in Waterville. The seeds of love for homecare nursing were sewn!

After a brief episode of hospital employment I moved to homecare. Initially, I worked with the pediatric team and then moved to the med-surg team. I learned the art of case management while working with a great team of nurses.
When the Telehomecare Program was launched I moved into the Telehealth RN role. I have enjoyed working with staff and patients as this quickly growing technology becomes a method of care to support patient’s health and independence at home.
Helping patients stay at home and manage their disease is truly rewarding work! I hope technological advances continue to support a patient's ability to manage ‘independently’ at home, and allow homecare services to improve the health of the communities we live and work in.