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Workplace Health FAQs











How soon can Workplace Health see new injuries?
In most cases, Workplace Health will see your acute new injury on the same day it happens.

Just call either of our locations so we can triage the injured employee and minimize wait time.

Acute eye injuries and lacerations will be seen immediately.

True emergent injuries such as chest pain, severe open trauma or unconsciousness should be directed to MaineGeneral Medical Center's Emergency Departments in Augusta or Waterville.







What are your hours?
Workplace Health is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

MaineGeneral's Emergency Departments will see work-related injuries after hours and on weekends.

Workplace Health will follow up with your employee on the next business day to assess and update work restrictions and medications.







What can I expect after a new injury visit at Workplace Health?
The medical provider who saw your employee will call you either during the appointment or after to discuss prognosis and recommended work restrictions.

He or she will answer any questions you may have and the State of Maine's M-1 Practitioner's Report will be emailed to you directly.












Where will the bill for services be sent?
For workers' compensation injuries and illnesses, medical service bills will be sent to your company's workers' compensation insurance carrier.

For pre-placement, Department of Transportation or other medical surveillance physicals, drug screens and on-site services, the company will be billed directly with an itemized invoice.

The billing office staff work locally at Workplace Health and is separate from the hospital billing functions.

We can easily and competently answer your questions regarding any bill you receive.