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Digital Laryngeal Stroboscopy


MaineGeneral's Speech Therapy Department offers digital laryngeal stroboscopy to help evaluate and treat patients with voice disorders.

The office-based procedure allows for assessment of a patient's laryngeal anatomy as well as providing detailed views of how the patient's larynx functions.

About the Procedure

This procedure enables the speech therapist to view the vocal folds movement in what appears to be slow motion while the patient produces voice.

The therapist can then assess various parameters to help plan effective, individualized treatment to improve the patient's ability to produce voice.

The procedure can be done with either a rigid or flexible scope. The Speech Therapy staff tries to do at least part of the exam with a rigid scope as it offers the highest-quality image.

Use of the flexible scope is determined based on a patient's needs and symptoms. After the exam is completed, still images and video clips can be sent to the patient's ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist and primary care provider for review.

Procedure Locations

Initial evaluations are done at the Thayer Center for Health in Waterville. Follow up sessions can be done either in Waterville (Thayer Center for Health) or Augusta (MaineGeneral Musculoskeletal Center, 15 Enterprise Drive).

Patients with voice disorders who may benefit from this procedure should discuss it with their primary care provider and request a referral as appropriate.

The Speech Therapy Department strongly recommends that patients see an ENT specialist before their appointment with Speech Therapy.

Contact Us

To learn more about digital laryngeal stroboscopy at MaineGeneral, please call:

  • Augusta: (207) 621-7500
  • Waterville: (207) 872-4400