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Mother Friendly Worksite Initiative


We hope to increase the number of local businesses requesting and using technical assistance to create support for breastfeeding mothers at their worksite.

This includes worksites offering flexible schedules and space for breastfeeding mothers to pump, worksites referring their employees to breastfeeding support, and employers adopting breastfeeding policies.
  • 70 percent of employed mothers with children younger than 3 years work full time.
  • More than 50 percent of women who are working when they become pregnant return to work by the time their infant is eight to 12 weeks old.

Worksite Lactation Programs

Components of worksite lactation programs include:
  • Space to express milk or breastfeed
  • Provision of or access to a breast pump
  • Maternity leave
  • Flexible work arrangements (i.e. telecommuting, part-time work, job sharing, flex time)
  • On-site child care
  • Breaks for expressing milk or breastfeeding
  • Workplace education and clinical support

Mother-Friendly Worksite Toolkit

The Mother-Friendly Worksite Toolkit makes it easy for employers to provide support to breastfeeding mothers who return to work.

It includes information and a CD with ideas and resources about how to start mother-friendly policies in your workplace.

The toolkit also offers one-on-one technical help for employers to assess their specific worksite situations and plan support for breastfeeding employees.

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