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Safety Precautions


We make children's safety a top priority at MaineGeneral Medical Center.

We encourage the following list of practices to keep your baby safe while you are in our care.
  • At birth your baby is banded with an identifying bracelet that matches with your ID band and your partners ID band. In addition, a state of the art security band is placed on your baby.

  • All hospital employees wear a badge and Maternal Child Health staff also wear a special badge.

  • We photograph and do foot prints for your baby as a form of identification

  • Whenever you move your baby any distance, be sure to use the infant crib. Never carry your baby through the hallway.

  • Do not leave your baby unattended even for a moment.

  • We encourage you not to give your home address or phone number out to a stranger.

  • You play a key role in the safety of your baby; together we can work to provide safety for your baby.