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Patient Education


Patient education and support is at the foundation of our program.

It starts with your first visit to the orthopaedic surgeon and continues through pre-operative visits, in-hospital care and therapy and follows you home.

You and your coach - a family member or friend - will attend an overview preoperative group education session with others who are preparing for joint surgery.

You will meet with the Joint Replacement Program coordinator who will assist you during your hospital stay.

You'll learn how to prepare for surgery, rehabilitation at the hospital and your return home.

You'll also receive information on:
  • The importance of therapy for your recovery

  • Exercises to speed your recovery

  • Special equipment to help during your rehabilitation

  • The care you'll receive before, during and after your surgery

  • How we'll help manage your pain

  • What to do when you return home

  • Tips on how to prepare your home for safety

  • Answers to your questions

For more information about MaineGeneral's Joint Replacement Program, please call (207) 626-1632.