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General Post-Op Instructions


Your surgeon will instruct you on whether you should remove your post operative bandage yourself or if you should wait until your follow-up visit at the office.

You must follow this instruction for your surgery to be successful.

Use the pain medicine your surgeon has prescribed for you and follow the directions exactly as they appear on your medication bottle.

If you cannot control your pain or the medication is making you sick, please call your surgeon's office.

When to Call Your Surgeon
You should call our office if you experience a fever greater than 101.5° F or have a sudden increase in pain or uncontrollable pain.

You should examine your incision or bandage regularly, checking for redness, drainage and/or a foul odor. These could be signs of an infection.

If you experience any of these symptoms, please call our office.

Remember that your surgeon has provided you with guidelines in order to have the best possible outcome for your surgery.