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Total/Partial Knee Replacement


Regardless of your age, a problem with a knee joint can keep you from doing the activities you enjoy.

Pain and stiffness may even limit the daily tasks you can do and knee joint problems tend to worsen over time.

You may not have to live with knee pain for the rest of your life. Knee replacement surgery almost always reduces joint pain.

During surgery, the damaged knee joint is replaced with an artificial implant.

For many people, having a knee replacement means a return to pain-free movement.

Benefits of Surgery
After a knee replacement, you can look forward to moving more easily. Most people gain all of the following benefits:

  • Elimination of or greatly reduced joint pain. Even the pain from surgery should subside within weeks.

  • Increased leg strength. Without knee pain, you'll be able to use your legs more and you'll build up your leg muscles.

  • An improved quality of life by allowing you to do daily tasks and low-impact activities in greater comfort.

  • Years of easier movement.

Risks and Complications
As with any surgery, knee replacement has possible risks and complication that include:

  • Reaction to the anesthesia

  • Blood clots

  • Infection

  • Damage to nearby blood vessels, bones or nerves

  • Dislocation of the kneecap