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Post-Surgery Care


After surgery, you'll be sent to the recovery room, where you will be given pain medication and your condition will be closely monitored.

You may have a catheter in your bladder and a drain in your knee.

A continuous passive motion (CPM) machine may be used on your knee to gently bend it and keep it from getting stiff.

Your Hospital Stay
You'll be moved to your room when you are awake. By then, your family or a friend will be able to join you.

Soon after surgery, specially trained therapists will start working with you.

The length of your hospital stay and recovery will depend on the type of surgery you've had.

Managing Pain
You may be given pain medications by injection or IV for the first few days.

Expect to feel some pain, even with medication. This is normal.

If the medication doesn't reduce your pain at all, please tell your nurse.

During your hospital stay, you'll learn skills to help you return to normal life.

You'll be shown how to strengthen your leg, walk and clear your lungs.

To make moving easier, ask for pain medication before your physical therapy (PT) sessions.

You may begin to stand and walk without hours of your surgery. An IV and catheter will likely still be in place, so using the walker may be tricky.

A physical therapist will help you learn how much weight you can bear on your new joint, if any.

With practice, you'll soon be able to walk with just the aid of a walker.