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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of program do you offer?
The Alzheimer's Care Center is an assisted living program. Assisted living programs are living arrangements where many services are provided, including help with medications and, in some cases, nursing services.The Alzheimer's Care Center accepts MaineCare payment and is called a Private Non-Medical Institution (PNMI) in Maine.

Is the Alzheimer's Care Center affiliated with United Way?
Yes, our center is a United Way agency and receives United Way funding support.

Do you accept MaineCare?
Yes, we do accept MaineCare.

Do you have private rooms?
We have four private rooms and the rest are semi-private. Private rooms are assigned on an "as needed" basis.

Can residents have a TV and their own furniture?
We have a TV room and a TV can be made available for a smaller group that would like to watch a special program. We do not have cable access in residents' rooms.

We provide furniture but residents also can bring their own pictures, a favorite chair and other small personal items to make them feel more at home.

What is the different between the Alzheimer's Care Center and a nursing home?
The main difference between assisted living and a nursing home is the level of care an individual needs. A nursing home would be the right choice for someone who does not need to be in a hospital but who needs fairly constant nursing care.
An assisted living facility typically offers more independence and less intensive medical care in a more home-like setting.