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Frequently Asked Questions





How much therapy do patients receive?
Each patient's therapy schedule depends on how much he or she can tolerate. Most patients participate in therapy three hours a day and sometimes more.

Family support is key in our patients' success. Because patient needs vary, the length of stay will depend on the patient's program and the progress he or she is making.



How do I get admitted to the Physical Rehabilitation Unit?
Usually a referral for a patient in an acute hospital setting will be made by a physician or care manager to our referral liaison, who then will do an evaluation. If you think you or a loved one should come to our unit please discuss this with your physician or care manager.  

Patients may also be referred from home, a doctor's office, a home health agency or a skilled facility.

In all cases, we request a physician referral and will send one of our referral liaisons to evaluate the patient to see if he/she qualifies for our program.

Our liaisons also verify insurance information and coverage before program admission.



What role do families play in rehabilitation?
Accidents or illnesses don't just happen to the individual. The debilitating after effects have a huge impact on family members and friends.

That's why we welcome and encourage family members and friends to become part of the rehabilitation team.

Families are welcome to visit and attend family conferences and therapy sessions.



What should patients bring for a stay?

  • Four days' worth of loose-fitting clothing that you would wear at home such as shirts, shorts, pants, socks, underwear, comfortable walking shoes or sneakers and bathrobe.

  • Personal aids such as hearing aids with extra batteries, dentures and reading glasses.

  • Personal toiletries, including a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, electric or battery-operated razor, and make-up. Many patients also bring a basket or container to hold these items.

  • Personal items including reading material, stationary, battery-operated radio and a watch.

  • Personal equipment such as splints, slings, Bi-pap/C-pap machine, glucometer, walker, cane or wheelchair.



When can I visit a patient on the Physical Rehabilitation Unit?
Visiting hours are quite liberal at the Physical Rehabilitation Unit and we welcome visits from anyone our patients would like to see.

We do, however, encourage friends and family to visit after patients have finished their therapy unless they are participating in learning to care for their family member.

Most therapy is completed by 4 p.m.



How do I get to the Physical Rehabilitation Unit?

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There is plenty of parking at the Alfond Center for Health. Free valet parking also is available.

Physical Rehabilitation Unit
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