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What Our Customers Say


Our satisfaction survey results show that 95 percent of people who have used MaineGeneral EAP have found our services to be very helpful.

Additionally, 97 percent would return to the program if they needed additional help.

MaineGeneral EAP can help employees find solutions to the struggles we all face from time to time that can negatively affect job performance.

Because we offer a comprehensive program, our clinicians are trained to meet employee needs in the context of helping the client company maintain employee productivity and morale.

We receive positive feedback from managers and employees about the services they receive from MaineGeneral EAP.

Employee Feedback

  • "MaineGeneral EAP offers a very supportive and client-centered environment that I am very grateful for. I have referred coworkers and will continue to in the future."
  • "Your services helped me to regain some perspective and gave me tools to help myself."
  • "You helped me get through some of the most difficult times in my life."  

Client Feedback

  • "MaineGeneral EAP is a perfect fit to Duratherm's safety net of benefits to our employees. For companies who care deeply for their employees and their families, the services offered in time of family need or crisis by MaineGeneral EAP are invaluable."

    Tim P. Downing, president
    Duratherm Window Corporation
    Vassalboro, Maine