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Prep for Renal Ultrasound


The purpose of the ultrasound is to examine your kidneys and bladder for disease or abnormality.

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. We may ask you to remove your clothing and dress in a gown we will provide.

Please arrive and check in at our registration desk 15 minutes before your exam. We will escort you to our ultrasound area.

It's important that you have a full bladder for this test. Drink plenty of liquids (of your choice) for two hours before your exam, until your bladder is very full. Please do not empty your bladder until after your exam.

You may eat a light meal before this exam. Please remember you must drink plenty of fluids before your exam.

You should plan to be in our department for 30-60 minutes.

Contact Us

For more information, please call MaineGeneral Medical Center's Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging Services:

  • Alfond Center for Health, Augusta: (207) 626-1485

  • Thayer Center for Health, Waterville: (207) 872-1230

  • Winthrop Commerce Center Outpatient Imaging Services, Winthrop: (207) 623-6542