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Frequently Asked Questions


How does PET/CT work?
PET detects small tumors but not the exact location. CT shows the size, shape and location.

By doing the exams simultaneously, the images are superimposed, giving our medical team more accurate information on the size, shape and location of even early-stage cancers.

In addition to using it as a diagnostic tool, PET/CT allows our doctors to see immediately how effectively cancer treatment is working.

This allows doctors to make treatment decisions much sooner than ever before.

In a single session, PET/CT answers these important questions:
  • Where is the tumor located?
  • How large is it?
  • Is it spreading?
  • Is the therapy working?
  • Has the cancer come back?
  • If so, where and to what extent?
PET/CT offers patients:
  • Confidence in accurate diagnosis
  • Fewer invasive procedures such as biopsies
  • Greater peace of mind, since patients know they're receiving comprehensive information
  • Elimination of the "wait and see" approach
  • Shorter exam time
  • Quicker results