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Preparation for Digital Mammography


Info to know/steps to take before your appointment

  • Deodorants, powders, or oils used around the area of the breast may interfere with the results of this test. Please do not use these items the day of your test.

    If that isn't possible we will provide body wipes so you can remove the product before your test and spray deodorant to use after testing is done.
  • Radiology tests may be harmful to a patient who is pregnant. If you think you are pregnant, you should arrange to have a pregnancy test done before this appointment, or reschedule this test for after your next menstrual cycle.

Suggestions for patients with sensitive breasts

  • Avoid caffeine for the week before your mammogram.
  • If this appointment is scheduled during the week before your menstrual cycle, we recommend rescheduling it to either the week before or the week after.