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Low-Dose 64-Slice Scanners


Sometimes doctors need to take a close look at what's inside, without performing surgery.

That's why at MaineGeneral, we have the newest generation of CT scanners - 64-slice Somaton Definition AS - to provide you with low-dose CT exams because we are concerned about the amount of radiation you are exposed to.

These scanners can produce extremely detailed and accurate three-dimensional images of your heart, lungs and other organs.

With this technology, your heart can be checked for heart disease or your blood vessels can be examined for signs of a stroke.

It's a great way to look for and prevent future problems.  

Best of all, these scans are painless and can be performed in a matter of seconds.

How does the Somaton Definition AS work?

The test combines rapid X-ray scanning with multiple computed tomography (CT) to produce the most detailed images of the heart, lungs, brain and other organs without surgery.

A computer assembles the X-ray "slices" into an image of the organ that reveals its complete structure.  

Depending on the organ or area being scanned, the patient may receive contrast dye to highlight the blood vessels to obtain a better image of the area.

What does this mean for patients?

  • Precision. The 64-slice scanner is an advanced imaging system that produces highly-detailed images of internal body parts, which can be used to create three-dimensional images.

    These extremely high resolution images will greatly help your health care provider better diagnose some hard-to-detect conditions.

    By having a CT scan performed, your physician will obtain all the detailed information necessary, while you experience a very fast and comfortable exam.
  • Faster and detailed diagnosis. Because we can scan your whole body in 20 seconds, you don't have to hold your breath very long and we get a clear, high definition image.

    Because of the scanner's speed, the image will be less affected by motion, allowing quicker results and, if necessary, an earlier start of treatment.
  • Comfort. MaineGeneral's imaging staff are highly trained and engaged to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients.

    We offer a comfortable experience combined with the highest healthcare standards for the best results.

How does the Somaton Definition AS provide lower radiation dose?

The system uses hardware and software that select the lowest dose radiation possible, while providing clear images.

What can the low-dose 64-slice CT Scanner detect?

This advanced system can diagnose common and hard-to-detect health problems in such areas as:
  • Head (i.e. stroke assessment)
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Heart (i.e. CT coronary angiography)
  • Abdomen
  • Lungs (i.e. 3D lung nodule analysis)
  • Colon (i.e. virtual colonography)
  • Legs

How do I schedule a low-dose CT scan?

Speak with your physician about MaineGeneral's 64-slice scanner to see if it may be helpful to your medical diagnosis.

For more information, please call Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging at (207) 626-1129 (Augusta) or (207) 872-1233 (Waterville).