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Jean Jennings


Jean Jennings started her education at Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) and continued it at the University of Southern Maine.

She began working for HomeCare in 1987 and has been part of the Hospice team for more than 11 years.

Jean, a pediatric cancer survivor, was drawn to Hospice from her work with the Maine Children's Cancer Program. While much of her early career was focused on working with a pediatric population, she has enjoyed working with older clients and their families as she has grown older.

Jean is a firm believer in listening to "and hearing" the patients and families with whom she interacts. Known for being a "straight shooter," she will answer directly any question asked of her.

An important aspect of the care Jean provides is her use of the patient's words as her focus (sometimes with gentle humor). By focusing on what she hears from patients, Jean sets up a care plan that effectively meets their needs and wishes.

To Jean, Hospice is more a calling than a job.

"It's a lifelong philosophy of caring for people," she says, "letting them live the way they want to live, as comfortably as possible."

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